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The key to Spinal Health is Alignment and Balance

A Moorhead Chiropractic Centre we provide spinal health and pain relieve through gentle chiropractic spinal joint-disc decompression, spinal stabilization and adjustments of subluxations. By providing spinal decompression and alignment we can alter the general stress reaction on your nervous system to a more balanced state. In times of physical injury or emotional stress and joint fatigue the nervous system becomes imbalanced as you react to the stressor and painful situation.

The trauma can cause direct spinal subluxations causing joint pain and pinching and or facilitating the spinal/ cranial nerve roots. This also causes the autonomic nervous system to react from a state of parasympatheticatonia to that of sympatheticatonia. Your central nervous system can also react to the stressor sending your active brain wave states from alpha to beta which causes the brain to go from a balance left-right hemisphere state to that of left brain - logic based dominance which then over-stimulates the contra-lateral side of the body more than the other side. This creates muscle and spinal joint torque and subluxations.

At the same time this shift in your brain waves at times of stress and trauma tends to contract and torque the dural membrane lying within your cranium and spinal canal. This central nervous system reaction by the brain in different wave states torques the many attachments of the dural membrane but particularly the cranium, the C1 and C2 vertebrae and the sacral-pelvic areas. As these areas subluxate with dural membrane torsion they can pinch and/or facilitate spinal nerves causing pain and muscle spasm and hypertronicity.

The gentle techniques used at the Moorhead Chiropractic Centre are aimed at relieving stress from these subluxated joints-discs providing spinal alignment and nervous system balance by shifting the sympathetic nervous system to a more normal parasympathetic state and also allowing the central nervous system brain waves to shift from a high beta stress responce to a more relaxed and balanced alpha state.

Richard Moorhead, Chiropractor

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